698 ‘Independent Study’

This is subject to change but here’s my proposal for my ‘Independent Study’ that I’ll be working on this semester:


  • An evaluation of the degree to which cinema can portray the complexities of human memory.


  • Survey films that structurally and aesthetically attempt to depict memory manifested as nostalgia, biography, and fragmented recall. Eventually I will settle on a small body of work or particular auteur. Possible works include:

o ‘Rashomon’
o ‘Last Year at Marienbad’
o ‘Memento’
o ‘Mishima’
o ‘Citizen Kane’

  • My study will not be limited to film screenings though, I will tie these portrayals to current scientific research and show how cinema differs or agrees with the neuroscience of memory and recall.


  1. PAPER of substantial weight & depth (10-15 pgs)
  2. LEARNING BLOG (what you’re currently reading) where I can record my thoughts & encourage ‘outsiders’ to contribute their ideas.
  3. Maybe a SHORT FILM; a creative outlet for what I’ve learned and experienced by studying this subject.

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