Biomimicry & Cinema –

When we create a tool, a machine, or a technology, we are reacting to how our current lives actually are. It is an attempt to somehow make life easier and more fulfilling.

But, we can’t create these new devices in isolation, we are inevitably effected by the way Mother Nature works. For example, the Wright Brothers observed the wings of hawks and buzzards and noticed that the movements of the wings could be used to control the wings of a plane which ultimately led to the invention of the airplane.

Is it possible, that the invention of cinema & it’s experience is simply a reflection of the way our eyes & brain perceive and process the world around us?

In real-life, don’t our minds intercut moments and flashes together at certain climaxes in our personal lives. Aren’t there moments that we experience in slow-motion? Don’t we tend to ‘dolly-in’ in the most critical plot points of our lives?

Or is the opposite true: have our minds been encouraged to operate more and more cinematically because of the pervasiveness of the moving image in our lives?


4 thoughts on “Biomimicry & Cinema –

  1. Couldn’t help but jump to Edgar Morin’s “The Cinema, the Airplane” essay after reading this post. For him, the link between the creation of the airplane and the creation of cinema was a common dream to break away from the earth. In the airplane’s case, it was a physical freedom – to soar as the angels do. But, according to Morin, it achieved just the opposite: “The airplane did not escape the earth. It expanded it as far as the stratosphere. It shrank it….It is film that soared, always higher, toward a sky of dreams, toward the infinity of the stars – of ‘stars’ – bathed in music, populated by delightful and diabolical presences, escaping the mundane world, of which it was to be, to all appearances, the savior and the mirror.”

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