What I learned tonight from teaching –

I just finished teaching a short CELTX workshop & the turnout was a lot lower than expected – just one person showed up.

While it’s a failure on some level, preparing for it was really helpful in organizing my ideas about . . . organizing ideas.

It made me appreciate that my current writing workflow is a bit of a mess.

Take for example my script-in-progress, Shelter: I’ve got about 4 folders on my computer that deal with the project and each of them has 25-50 files. There really is no order to them & I’m sure some great ideas are lost in the mess. I’ve got inspirational photos in one place, internet bookmarks in another, and related documents buried deep.

It’s important to constantly remind myself to make order out of the chaos, so that I’m not getting in my own way of creating. It applies to all of our ideas, whether they be stories or papers.

We organize our desks, we throw out old, smelly leftovers from our fridges, we stack the dishes in an orderly manner – shouldn’t we be as systematic & tidy with our own creations?

If you get a good idea, write it down AND file it so you can find it again – otherwise you’ve lost the currency of your future success.

In the coming weeks I’ll try to present a ‘before & after’ of my workflow that’ll hopefully inspire you to do the same with your own creative efforts.

Until then – create on.


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