Berlinale Highlight #1 – ‘The Talents’

The first thing I’d like to highlight about my experience at this year’s Talent Campus was all the great fellow talents I met – I learned more from them than anyone else.

I got a chance to meet and network with filmmakers from all over the world. I was especially interested in the ones that were in a similar phase of their career as my own where they’ve worked on a couple of shorts and are trying to progress to feature-length work. It seemed that many of us face similar obstacles in our respective nations because of a lack of funding and opportunity. One possible solution is for us to collaborate across borders and pool our resources.

We traded advice about applying to various funds, films to watch, books to read, etc. I learned about countries I’ve never been to, like the Scandinavian & Icelandic nations and realized I need to travel more.

I’m inspired by several talents who seem to have figured out a balance between their day job, their passions, and giving back to their communities.

I don’t know if we’ll get a chance to collaborate in the future but regardless I’m indebted to them for their inspirational and wise words – thank you!


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