Another try –

I went back to my blog posts to find a more structured approach with parameters and a plan for my 698:

A starting point (individual memory),
a middle point that I wrote about last semester (National Memory)
and an attempt to put learning into practice through my current screenplay “I Dreamt of Empire”

Here’s a rough outline in terms of structure & proposed filmography:

1. Individual memory:

  • example of a protagonist trying to forget – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • example of a protagonist trying to remember – Memento
  • connections, differences and failures of these two protagonists’ journeys through their memories
  • examine a group of protagonists (Rashomon) that individually are able to remember what they ‘saw’ but because their memories don’t add up something is assumed missing or corrupted –

**This should dovetail with a deeper discussion of a specific type of collective memory – ‘National Memory & associated nostalgia or pain’

2. Collective memory:

  • confronting national memory & loss – Stray Dog
  • forgetting national past – ‘Still undecided Film from Fassbinder’

3. Concluding with ‘learning put into practice’:

Analysis of a Work in Progress Script ‘I Dreamt of Empire’ written by Kasem Kharsa

  • An analysis of a screenplay with such undertones of memory and memory loss, as an individual and as part of a citizen of a fallen nation, by examining a project screenplay of the writing concentration class. Connecting to the aforementioned films and techniques of storytelling

What do you think?


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