This Week of Blogging – a review

Well this has been a pretty interesting week in terms of blogging. I got about 100 hits in the last 7 days which isn’t something to brag about but it’s double of any other week so far. Check it –

My posts that combine original thinking with down-to-earth articles from established newspapers and authors seem to be the most popular – especially if they are relevant for the Middle East region.

I think I need to veer towards 1-2 quality posts a week, instead of a shotgun approach.

As I complete my independent study I want to gravitate more towards a discussion of exciting technologies for independent filmmakers such as crossmedia, the possibilities of the iPad and Hybrid DSLRs, etc.

I hope to combine my thoughts and reviews with actual experiments that I can share in ‘the garage‘.

If there are any new trends and tools for storytelling that you think I should be aware of please send me an email –

As always, thanks for your readership –


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