Got Ideas? Need $$$?

For those of you familiar with ‘crowdsourcing‘ there’s a great site, INDIEGOGO, that allows you to pitch your projects/ideas and raise funds from everyday internet users willing to contribute what they can to your film.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well here’s a link to some of the success stories to judge for yourself if this resource might helpful for your future projects (check out the short films):

also, here’s some FAQ from the site:

What is IndieGoGo?

IndieGoGo is a collaborative way to fund ideas.  Anyone with a project – creative, cause or entrepreneurial – can raise money, offer perks and keep 100% ownership of their idea.

Who can use IndieGoGo?

Anyone can use IndieGoGo.  If you’re a musician, writer, filmmaker, game or application developer, designer, inventor, non-profit, charity, or even entrepreneur, you can use IndieGoGo to raise money from your fans and customers.

Is signing-up free?


How much does fundraising cost?

IndieGoGo is free to signup and a majority of the core actions and tools are free to use (i.e. post, contribute, share, campaign analytics, discover, and comments).  IndieGoGo charges a 9% marketplace fee on funds raised.  Projects are also responsible for 3rd-party payment processing and international wire fees.  However, if you reach your goal, IndieGoGo pays you a 5% cash bonus on every dollar raised.

My project is not based in the U.S.  Can I still use IndieGoGo to crowdfund?

Yes!  IndieGoGo is in over 100 countries and counting.  As long as your project has a bank account somewhere in the world, you can use IndieGoGo.

I am not based in the U.S.  Can I still contribute to projects on IndieGoGo?

For sure!  All you need is a working Visa or MasterCard.

My project has already been completed.  How do I use IndieGoGo now?

You can raise money to cover distribution, marketing or other expenses needed to continue fueling your project.  Or if you want to build demand for your project’s output (like DVDs, books, merchandise, games or other items) you can use IndieGoGo to pre-sell those items too.


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