Again . . .

After a long hiatus from blogging, I’ve realized my own creative productivity and learning has declined.

When I blogged in the past it encouraged me to compile and organize my thoughts for broadcast to the world wide web. But I think more importantly I found I was far more altruistic with my resources and ideas and this in turn meant I was able to connect with like-minded filmmakers around the world.

In the past, my blogging was centered around  the specific film/project I was working on and that’s probably why my posting has been inconsistent. So this time around I’d like to try a different approach:

I’d like to use this as a commonplace book that encourages the following:

  • Provide a place where artists can visit and converse.
  • Collect and curate inspirational work of other art-makers to encourage your own creative pursuits.
  • Document and review the resources I’ve consumed or benefitted from in my own work.

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