POETRY UPDATE: 50 done, 50 to go

I’ve somehow completed fifty poems now, twenty more since my last update. I’m glad I decided to continue down this strange road. I’ve regained an ability in the last few days to observe more closely and emotionally the world around me, and a desire to try to squeeze what I can from life.

I’ve decided to continue forward to the next ambitious goal: 100 poems in a 100 days. Wish me luck.

In these next few weeks I will begin a more disciplined reading of the poetry of others – to get inspired, feel part of a community and experience foreign ideas and perspectives for seeing the world.

I’ve also been debating whether or not to do a Kickstarter campaign of my own, like I’ve been recommending to others, to fund a limited edition chapbook printing of my work called ‘Whalebones‘.

I’ve sent out a couple of emails to potential book designers to get an estimate on how much this would cost and how best to present about 30-40 of my poems. So the patrons wouldn’t just be funding the publication of my work but also the work of this other creative individual.

Because my poetry has dealt with my own memories and childhood symbols I think an audience of patrons would be able to identify with the work. I think most of us are on a similar search, digging up moments from our life and trying to make narratives out of them. I think there could be a kind of shared therapy that comes out of reading the poems and then being inspired to write your own.

I’ll keep you updated if I move forward on that.


3 thoughts on “POETRY UPDATE: 50 done, 50 to go

    • Thanks Jim, if you end up pursuing your goal and starting a blog for your poetry tell me so I can follow your progress –

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