Day 59 of 100 Poems/100 Days


One day by the sky,
the river running after it,
chasing behind the sun,
as if to kidnap it.

With rifles raised,
we let the children lead,
down the path,
under clouds,
into the mud,
to the trees.

The whole time singing:
“Heaven o’ Mary,
o’ heaven dance,
Heaven o’ Mary,
o’ heaven spent.”

They took us to their ghost trees,
showed us how to climb them quickly,
and how to sleep in their branches,
to dream away the dark things.


2 thoughts on “Day 59 of 100 Poems/100 Days

  1. your really becoming amazingly good!
    but still it feels strange, when the serve food in the canteen and I don’t se a Kasem around. It means three things.
    Or your sick
    Or your in love
    Or you have lovesickness
    …….or…… highjacked a plane and went straight to Colombia to drink Rum from a coconut and do once in a while a funny walk towards the sea, while your having discussions with yourself how foolish you look in this pink bikini.

    see you soon,

    • thanks martyn – sorry i missed the ‘canteen’, wasn’t feeling too good these past two days – hope ur enjoying the workshop –

      i’ll see u tomorrow in my pink bikini –

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