Day 84 of 100 Poems/100 Days

White Hat

Generous, as always,
trying to be cautious,
in the back seat,
then the front seat.

Smooth contours,
her dress hiked up,
her thoughts my own.

I tell her:
“With the black hat,
you could be the bad guy,
the kidnapper,
steering me in the night.”

“And I’d wave the white flag,
be the good guy,
the sensible voice,
as you drive.”

She nods a ‘yes’,
ties me up in the back seat,
watches me from the front seat,
in the mirror,
as I look out the window,
trying to recognize where she’s taking me.

‘Oh’, I know these trees,
they taught me as a child,
how to play, how to speak,
she’s taking me back –
to the backyard,
playing on the swings,
tea-time in the shade,
when I’d kiss a girl and run away.


2 thoughts on “Day 84 of 100 Poems/100 Days

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