My Garage

This is a place where things are still in the shop, or where things come to die.

It’s a creative junkyard where I tinker trying to build the next project – the next creative pursuit.

I’ve included some stuff still ‘on the stove’ as well as some projects at the end that I’ve completed.

You can visit my tumblr junkyard where I tag random stuff that might be useful as I build in this garage –

Enjoy and please feel free to share your comments below.


1. ‘The Whalebones’

collection of poems drawn from my childhood memories and symbology. Its an attempt to hold onto the images of my past.

2. ‘Introduction to Quranic Arabic’

This is a book I self-published a while back with – it’s based on a course I taught as an undergrad, you can find it on Amazon:

DESCRIPTION: This manual is for self-directed learners who are already familiar with how to write and pronounce the Arabic alphabet. It contains ten simple lessons & corresponding exercises that will give you a basic mastery of Arabic grammar as well as an understanding of the most frequent words found in the Quran. The ultimate aim is that by completing this manual, you will have a beginner/intermediate level fluency of the Quran in its original Arabic form.


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